BBM’s the spark that ignites the drive to get things (like your to-do list) done.

Do you have projects around the house you need done and just can’t get to? Do you feel if you could just get organized you’d have a better handle on life? Or if you had another set of hands, for a few hours now and then, it would take such a load off?

Maybe you’ve always wanted to start a business, you have a great idea but don’t know where to start. How do you write a business plan and attract capital, let alone contemplate growth?

Perhaps you already have a small business but there just isn’t time in the day to accomplish the many administrative details that need to be done. When there is barely time to send a cursory reply to an incoming text or email how can you imagine updating the latest project to your website, writing a blog post or having an active social media presence?

Back Beat can help you.


For a fraction of the cost of hiring a part-time employee we can manage those tasks and more. Buying our time buys you time to do more of what you love and we can help make your dreams happen.

Allison, our in-house Jill of all Trades has 30 years of administrative and household management experience. To balance a financial account or balance the flow of a floor plan, she will knock down walls and build new ones – metaphorically or, in some cases, literally and she will employ that same ‘do what needs to get it done’ attitude for you.

Kevin, our in-house management PhD has spent more than 20 years teaching students and counseling clients on the very process of small business startups – and he has started and sold his own business. His experience can guide you through the many, but not impossible, hoops it takes to achieve your entrepreneurial dreams.

Here is just a sampling of what we can do for you. Don’t see exactly what you’re looking for? No problem. We see that as an opportunity to show you our ability to specifically design something to meet your exact needs and wants. For more information about our services and their costs, please follow the links to our Personal Assisting and Business Consulting pages.


Personal Assisting

Calendar management, travel planning
Communications – Inbox, newsletters, social media and website
Data entry, data base mgmt, document prep
Event planning
Home staging
Menu planning, errand running*
Organization of home, office
Pet sitting*
Research and presentation production
Scheduling, meeting* service contractors

*local service only

Business Consulting

Business plans for attracting capital, operations and growth

Acquisitions and divestiture advisory services

Guidance on the due diligence process

Strategic planning process advice

Strategic planning workshop facilitation