Working with BBM is like adding extra hours to your day. 

Allison, BBM’s Personal Assistant created Back Beat Mgmt as an opportunity to tap into her three decades of office and household management experience and assist those who are swamped and in need of the very kind of help she can provide.

Because BBM is a boutique personal assistant company providing keen client service, Allison works with a handful of part-time clients who have a variety of task and time needs – some clients need just a few daily details tended to while others require a chunk of several hours. The scope of client needs may vary but what’s constant is the dedicated attention all client projects receive.

Most of our Personal Assisting services are provided remotely – so we work with you anywhere you are. Since we don’t share the same physical space, we make every effort to schedule specific, consistent working hours for each client so they know when we’re working on their behalf. But hey, we all know life happens and unexpected to-do’s don’t honor schedules so Allison is available to clients via text, email or phone throughout the day.




Our plans are use-as-you-go rather than time sensitive – meaning there is no clock ticking or calendar page turning dictating when the time must be used. It’s YOUR time and you can use it as you need. We strive to create personalized service that caters to your needs. And we can’t stress enough that the beauty of BBM is we are here for you – to do what you need help with, when you need help with it. You are not a number, nor or you just a file that gets passed around. Allison, exclusively, is dedicated to you and tries to arrange her day time (and sometimes when needed, evening) schedule to accommodate her clients. It is important to her that you know she is there for you. But remember, BBM is about balance so she is not available around the clock – she does love to get her sleep and we want you to also!


Client A has a small home improvement service and pretty much runs the business from his truck. He handles his incoming calls but needs a personal assistant to help with the back-end administrative tasks that he can’t do while on the job. Scheduling upcoming jobs, following up on email inquiries, updating the company’s website with photos from recent projects, and improving his consistency and presence on social media with daily posts – these are some of the tasks he wants to see happen for his business. He estimates this is about 2-3 hours of work a week.


Our 12 Hour Plan is ideal – about 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week each month should do it and should he need additional time, it’s his, billed at the plan’s hourly rate. Best yet, as his needs grow along with his business he can move up to the 20 hour plan – we like that! And he’ll catch a break on his rate – he’ll like that!

Although lists can be limiting they are helpful to provide a snapshot of just some of the many tasks we have experience handling. Again, if you don’t see the specific service you are looking for please contact Allison and let’s talk.


There are a few services we do on a per job, quote basis. We love to paint and have done a lot of it. We also build stuff. So if you are local to the Montgomery, Alabama and want to take advantage of those home services, rather than working with an hourly plan, we’ll come to you and provide a quote for your particular job.

Experienced in so many areas, Back Beat’s Personal Assistant, Allison could be just what your overworked, stressed out self could use.