Professional help to build your business

We provide business advice for small businesses, whether they are still just a good idea in search of a workable plan or an established company searching for growth opportunities. Kevin can advise you during any stage of the small-business life cycle. If you are looking to craft a business plan for sustainable growth or to attract capital to fund that growth, we can help. We can also identify strategic alternatives during any phase of the company life cycle. Just want some advice on small business startup or ownership transition? Maybe you have negotiated a letter of intent to sell your business and want advice on valuing your company and the due diligence process? In these situations and more we will guide you so you can take that next step with confidence. Contact Kevin for a no-cost initial consultation.

Some examples of our small-business consulting work include:

A small moving and records storage company looking to grow worked with us on an expansion strategy. After a thorough review, we concluded that the company needed to add a long-distance moving partner, and we crafted an expansion plan to pitch to a long-distance mover. A national, long-distance company enthusiastically agreed to partner with our local moving company, and the local company’s  revenues nearly doubled within the year. We can help your business find growth opportunities too.

We also work with entrepreneurs and business startups:

A North-Florida real estate developer needed investors for a project and he came to us for help. We advised him on managing the scope and timing of the project, but he was most interested in our working up a written project plan and prospectus. We built a strong and compelling prospectus for him to shop for investors. Within eight weeks of advertising the prospectus, he had enough capital committed to begin the project. Let us help bring your idea or project to life.


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