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Personal Assistant

Recently retired from her long-term position as Executive Director of the Our Family of Four Foundation, she brings three decades of back-end operational experience to Back Beat Management. She started BBM because it is the culmination of what she’s spent her adult life engaged in – being a behind the scenes support for those whom she surrounds herself. She is fortunate to be in the position to create a business using her experience and to employ the endless lessons and skills she’s accumulated. She strives to live a life as far from indifference as she can, and that, right there, is what drives her and now fuels her efforts at BBM.

She brings a ready for action, come what may spirit to each and every project she chooses to take on. And with her diverse background those projects have run the gamut. From assisting customers with the perfect purchase on the sales floor of Neiman Marcus, to being on a factory floor inspecting print jobs for Wrigley’s gum wrappers, to juggling dozens of calendars to schedule meetings for the creation of registration technology at the University of Florida, to raising and advocating for her children, to hanging AUM art shows, to gutting her entire house and rebuilding it, to editing the Journal of Applied Gerontology, to creating and producing an award-winning EAA newsletter, she takes on divergent tasks with gusto and learns what she must along the way. Her involvements are varied but whatever her current opportunity there is always one constant – she makes sure her care and her attention and yes, her humor are embedded in everything she does.

Asked once why she became a pilot (aside from the awesomeness of being able to operate a machine that allows her to slip the surly bonds of earth) she said it was to show herself she could do anything she puts my mind to.

So we ask you, how can we put her mind and energy to work for you?


kevin-banning-business-consultantKEVIN BANNING
• Business Consultant

As a former Fortune 500 manager and entrepreneur, Kevin Banning has a wide variety of professional interests.  He earned a PhD in Strategic Management from the University of Florida and currently serves as Professor of Management at Auburn University Montgomery where he is engaged in teaching, research and consulting.  Though each activity is pursued independently, a common thread throughout is that Banning is concerned with the problems of small business owners and managers.  In his coursework and consulting he focuses on issues confronting small business.  Professor Banning’s classes center on real problems encountered in new and existing small businesses.  Like his teaching, his consulting is focused on the concerns of small business. He has addressed fundamental decisions of strategic direction for several clients, including the firm that he co-founded in 1989, and has developed a formal business plan for a start-up real estate venture. More recently he has advised and constructed plans for strategic growth for several organizations, including non-profits and small businesses.